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#tbt: Public Craft’s first open mic since COVID-19 hit

KENOSHA ⏤ Before the coronavirus pandemic, Public Craft Brewing Co. regularly housed the tunes and comedy of local performers each week. The business hosted a comedy open mic on Mondays, an all-original music mic the third Thursdays and regular weekend shows. In short, it served as home to some of the local creatives. However, … Continue reading #tbt: Public Craft’s first open mic since COVID-19 hit

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#TBT: Kori Davis’ poetry at Kenosha Fusion

KENOSHA ⏤ While music is often the focus of entertainment locally, poetry and prose still add heart and soul to the Kenosha scene. Most often, a mix of different genres and styles of music rule the local open mics. However, Kenosha is just as much a city of poets as it is a city … Continue reading #TBT: Kori Davis’ poetry at Kenosha Fusion


#TBT: Memories shared along the way so far (playlist)

KENOSHA ⸺ It’s another time to look back on memories and performances that have taken place in Kenosha in recent years with the Observer's #ThrowbackThursday music memory. As of today, the Observer audience has grown quite a bit since we started this feature. Therefore, we want to highlight all of the performances we’ve “thrown … Continue reading #TBT: Memories shared along the way so far (playlist)

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#TBT: DAniel at Kenosha Fusion KENOSHA ⏤ Recently, local guitarist/general musical maestro Danny Crucianelli started performing under a new, rather simple name: DAniel. Crucianelli, who co-operates Kenosha Fusion with wife Aimee, has been involved in various bands throughout the years. Likewise, he serves as your helpful gear guru at Music Go Round on 75th Street. Therefore, please, take time … Continue reading #TBT: DAniel at Kenosha Fusion

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#TBT: Ben Mulwana at Rustic Road Brewing Co.

KENOSHA ⏤ If you had given Sam Cooke a guitar and taught him how to play it well, you’d get a musician like Kenosha songwriter Ben Mulwana.  You’ve likely heard of Mulwana, known and appreciated for his consistently smooth voice, whether or not you’ve seen him perform. However, beyond his stellar musical ability, the thing that … Continue reading #TBT: Ben Mulwana at Rustic Road Brewing Co.

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#TBT: ‘Tomorrow’ at Kenosha Creative Space

KENOSHA ⏤ I first met the artist now known as "Tomorrow" at Kenosha Creative Space on Oct. 3, 2019, when I simply knew him as Eddie. The young pianist, with a tenor-level voice that is more smooth like Smokey Robinson than gruff like Otis Redding or Wilson Pickett, seemingly came out of the blue that … Continue reading #TBT: ‘Tomorrow’ at Kenosha Creative Space