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The Uptown Observer is completely funded by community donations — both one-time and recurring — as well as sponsorships. 

What is Observer Sponsorship?

Sponsorship includes the Observer running a video, image or content you provide on its homepage, sections or individual articles. 

We will place your sponsorship content in the best spot for visibility.

Also, if article-based sponsorship is chosen, we will run it with articles at least three separate times weekly. 

Within normal ethical boundaries regarding vulgarity and appropriateness, your content can be whatever you’d like. 

However, to be very clear, your paid sponsorship gives you no say in what content the Observer itself produces. 

Why Sponsor?

The funding from your ads will go toward paying stringer Jordan Pauley for his work, maintaining this website and helping the Observer grow in its community. 

However, beyond asking you to help us grow, we have also spent much time helping water seeds of growth in the Kenosha community since our inception in August 2020. 

Since then, Observer Founder Daniel Thompson and the Observer have given back upwards of $10,000 to the Kenosha community ⏤ primarily to Uptown and Uptown-serving entities. 

We also spend time volunteering in the community. Because it is our community as well. 

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Change Your Content at Any Time

Beyond creative control, you also get the convenience of being able to change out your sponsorship content at any time free of charge.

Such changes usually take only an hour or two if we have the time that day. They will always be changed within 24 hours of notification.


For your sponsorship content to run in the different places mentioned above, here are the respective costs:

Homepage: $500/month; $250 for 2 weeks (2 open spots)

Sections: $250/month; $125 for 2 weeks (3 open spots)

Articles: $125/month; $62 for 2 weeks (limitless open spots)

Likewise, you can also choose to have your sponsorship content pinned to one of our social media channels at a cost of $200/month and $50/week

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