Jordan Pauley: A Real Stand Up Guy

  “After a year and a half, I just wanted to knock the rust off before producing and hosting again. You'd think it’s just like riding a bike. But there was definitely some social anxiety after that long break.”   Jordan Pauley is a stand-up comedian and the man behind Crimson Jester Productions.  “I always [...]

Jill Zgorzelski: Creating Community

“I'm still creating myself, still working on myself. I'm still working on my art. I'm still trying to become the best version of myself. I can't be this person or that person, but I can be me. And so that's kind of where I'm at now. And that's why it's so important to me to [...]

Jason Hedman: Kenosha’s Own Dickens is No Scrooge

My recent conversation with Jason Hedman was brief, but we did manage to cover his stint as a 6th-grade writer of Star Wars inspired fan-fiction, singing and playing in punk rock bands, and in-between all that was some talk of Christmas.  And what says Christmas better than a live program featuring a Kenosha-themed version of [...]

Stephanie Donoma Wants to Paint Your Pets

I first knew Stephanie Donoma as a young musician, playing acoustic at the Monday night open mic hosted Downtown by Chris Sipos and Rachel Young in the mid-2000s. It wasn’t until I returned to Facebook a few years ago that I learned about her visual art and Arbitrary Creations.  Between those two time periods Stephanie [...]

Brent Mitchell sings the blues

brent mitchell; art; blues; the arts; music; musician

When I sat down a few days ago to chat with Brent Mitchell, I knew a few things about him already. He is a poet, visual artist, theologian and activist. Brent Mitchell lounges in his home while discussing music and the arts with the Observer's Tammy Peacy. Photo property of Daniel Thompson/The Uptown Observer. His [...]