I’m a proud #journalist, #musician and #HalfricanAmerican (African American and Caucasian).
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Art and Activism, Part 2: Jon Linton gives names to the nameless, helps fill the needs of the needy

You’ve seen them. Whether they’re standing at the stoplight near Woodman’s by the interstate, the one at 67th Street and Green Bay Road, or simply

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Art and activism: Beautifying, adding meaning to the aftermath of social unrest

KENOSHA ⏤ While the word saw Kenosha as a warzone, many young activists used art to beautify the areas that had been destroyed by riots

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Updated: Kreuser finds Kenosha County Board behavior ‘disheartening’; Berg speaks out against Decker

Kreuser reacted to certain County Board members’ actions — specifically, Zach Rodriguez and Erin Decker — at the most recent County Board meeting on Sept.

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Last night’s meeting: Council increases bond for inciting violence more than 10 times normal amount; alderpersons object to city methodology

KENOSHA ⏤ During last night’s City Council meeting, alderpersons voted to increase the bond amount for the charge of inciting violence by more than 10 times from $124 to

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