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Quite succinctly, The Uptown Observer is a media site created by Kenosha journalist Daniel Thompson, formerly of Kenosha News.

We focus on city government, county government, the Kenosha music scene, and what we call “Humanity-Centered Stories” ⏤ pieces focusing on the feelings, thoughts and experiences that we all share as human beings.

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Latest City of Kenosha News

Observer Captures Kenosha: Sept. 24 through Oct. 3, 2021
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Carthage students, All Energy Solar hope residents harness chance to go green
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Observer Conversations: James Simmons for Kenosha County Sheriff
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Tonight’s meeting: City Council to address alternative crowd control, TIDs
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Latest Kenosha Music News

In the Kenosha Crowd: Photos in the city June – August, part 1
If you've noticed a green hat …
Performers at Public Craft (Around The Mics)
KENOSHA – Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Public …
Wednesdays at Public Craft Brewing (Around The Mics)
KENOSHA – Every Wednesday starting at …
City meetings and open mics on tonight’s docket
KENOSHA ⏤ Another Monday, another evening …
Native American drum demo, Creative Space mic are tonight’s events
KENOSHA ⏤ Tonight (July 22), you …
Tonight in Kenosha: City Council meets; Fusion and Rustic host open mics
KENOSHA ⏤ Tonight, local residents can …

Latest news from Kenosha County Chambers

UPDATE: KCSD identifies Milwaukee driver killed in I-94 crash
KENOSHA COUNTY ⏤ The Kenosha …
Sheriff’s department investigating fatal crash on I-94
KENOSHA COUNTY ⏤ The Kenosha …
County Public Health hosting COVID-19 booster dose clinic Friday
KENOSHA COUNTY ⏤ Kenosha County …
Wilmot, Pleasant Prairie COVID-19 testing sites open in Kenosha County
KENOSHA COUNTY ⏤ The Wisconsin …
Supervisor Jerry Gulley announces bid for Kenosha County Executive
Editor's note: This article has …
County public health, Grace again offering incentives at Thursday clinic
Editor’s note: Daniel Thompson has …

Latest Humanity-Centered Stories

Thompson’s Take (Opinion): ‘You’re a good kid, buddy’
Today, I had a moment …
Carthage students, All Energy Solar hope residents harness chance to go green
KENOSHA ⏤ Carthage College junior …
In the Kenosha Crowd: Photos in the city June – August, part 1
If you've noticed a green …
County public health, Grace again offering incentives at Thursday clinic
Editor’s note: Daniel Thompson has …
Kenosha County to celebrate 101 years of women’s right to vote Sept. 8
KENOSHA ⏤ Next week, the …

Our Archives

  • Last night’s meeting: Council increases bond for inciting violence more than 10 times normal amount; alderpersons object to city methodology
    Share on Social Media twitter facebook pinterest linkedin tumblr reddit emailwhatsapp KENOSHA ⏤ During last night’s City Council meeting, alderpersons voted to increase the bond amount for the charge of inciting violence by more than 10 times from $124 to $1,321. That measure passed by a slim margin of 9-7. It is effective immediately. Likewise, the city also approved […]
  • Updated: Kreuser finds Kenosha County Board behavior ‘disheartening’; Berg speaks out against Decker
    Share on Social Media twitter facebook pinterest linkedin tumblr reddit emailwhatsapp Kreuser reacted to certain County Board members’ actions — specifically, Zach Rodriguez and Erin Decker — at the most recent County Board meeting on Sept. 15. In a live video of the meeting that continued after the session ended (near the one-hour, 40-minute mark), […]
  • Art and activism: Beautifying, adding meaning to the aftermath of social unrest
    KENOSHA ⏤ While the word saw Kenosha as a warzone, many young activists used art to beautify the areas that had been destroyed by riots in August 2020. ‘Kenosha is a warzone’ That is the perception that has been presented in many reports, comments and opinion pieces written since riots claimed Downtown and Uptown businesses […]
  • Art and Activism, Part 2: Jon Linton gives names to the nameless, helps fill the needs of the needy
    You’ve seen them. Whether they’re standing at the stoplight near Woodman’s by the interstate, the one at 67th Street and Green Bay Road, or simply just sitting around a tree in the middle of Uptown along 22nd Avenue, you’ve seen them: people in need, without a home, struggling with addiction issues or simply lacking resources. […]
  • Kenosha Alderman: ‘Our town has changed’
    KENOSHA ⏤ Near the end of the Kenosha Common Council meeting on Monday, Ald. Anthony Kennedy had one message for his colleagues: Listen ⏤ even if things get ugly.“We have to understand that some people don’t have the ability to express their pain in ways that are constructive,” Kennedy said. “And so we’re going to have to […]
  • State senators praise Wray’s appointment, differ on views of Jacob Blake shooting
    KENOSHA ⏤ State senators Bob Wirch and Van Wanggaard agree Noble Wray is the right choice for someone to review the Jacob Blake case. However, when it comes to their opinion of the case itself, they largely differ. Wray hired by DA Graveley, Kaul to look at case The state Attorney General’s office announced the […]
  • Kenosha Tavern League decries cabaret license changes
    KENOSHA ⏤ The Kenosha Tavern League opposes the changes proposed to the city’s cabaret license requirements.They made that opposition very clear at their meeting Tuesday at Coins Sports Bar, 1714 52nd St.The league especially opposes new measures that place an extra burden on business owners already dealing with a pandemic.Sponsored by Ald. Curt Wilson, the […]
  • DKI announces finance committee to oversee business recovery funds
    KENOSHA ⏤ Downtown Kenosha Inc. announced Friday that it has put together a finance committee to help allocate funds to damaged Kenosha businesses. Following the aftermath of riots that destroyed businesses in the Downtown and Uptown areas of Kenosha Aug. 23 and 24, DKI started a fundraising campaign in order to assist business owners with […]
  • Post names KUSD teachers who called in sick Monday
    A Facebook page caused outrage Friday by naming Kenosha Unified School District teachers who called in sick Monday.The Kenosha County Eye, which is not affiliated with the Racine County Eye, posted screenshots of the names of every teacher who called in sick on Monday. More than 276 teachers had done so.This high number of absences was partly […]
  • Friday protest planned, discussions continue on cabaret license changes
    KENOSHA – The organizer of a planned Friday protest hopes the music and chants give officials pause in changing Kenosha’s cabaret license requirements.Friday’s protest, organized by Aimee Crucianelli, will start at 2 p.m. The event will focus on recent changes proposed for the city’s cabaret license.A live music cutoff in the city at midnight and […]
  • After two public hearings and 3 comments, a deferral on cabaret
    KENOSHA ⏤ Monday, the City Council voted in favor of a deferral on changes to the city’s cabaret license and to send them back to committee. The motion, which followed more than an hour of discussion, came after council president Dist. 17 Ald. David Bogdala called two public hearings: one at the start and one […]
  • Kenosha health officials encourage compliance with Evers’ new order
    The message from Kenosha County officials is clear: Follow Gov. Tony Evers’ new COVID-19 emergency order. In a release issued Wednesday, the Kenosha County Division of Health strongly urged residents and businesses to comply with the statewide order. The order notably limits “public gatherings, prohibiting groups larger than 25 percent of an indoor space’s occupancy […]
  • After months of tension, a possibility of civility for Kenosha County Board
    KENOSHA COUNTY — Tuesday evening’s Kenosha County Board meeting was different. In fact, people treated each other, mostly, with civility. Even near the end, Chairman John O’Day made it a point to call for civility and respect in all proceedings moving forward. Protesters not going anywhere To say County Board meetings have been contentious following […]
  • After hourslong public hearing, cabaret license changes sent back to City Council for approval
    KENOSHA ⏤ After hours of public hearing comments, the Licenses and Permits Committee sent changes to cabaret licenses back to the City Council. The City Council will next consider the changes for final approval for the second time. On Monday night, the Licenses and Permits Committee heard from approximately 12 bar owners and community members during […]
  • Kenosha man in custody after shooting on Sheridan near La Fogata
    KENOSHA ⏤ Kenosha Police arrested a man Tuesday morning in response to a shooting on Sheridan Road widely seen in video online. In a hearing via Zoom Wednesday afternoon, the man ⏤ identified in court as Michael W. Lorberter, 63, of Kenosha ⏤ received a $100,000 cash bond in a felony case resulting from Monday’s […]
  • Kenosha County DA: No decision in Blake case Monday
    KENOSHA ⏤ There will be no decision coming soon on charges in the police shooting of Jacob Blake. On Friday evening, Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley released a statement to that effect addressing online rumors. Those rumors, being spread on social media, stated Graveley would be making an announcement in the Blake case Monday. However, […]
  • City receives 3,500 letters calling for officials to fire police chief
    KENOSHA ⏤ On Tuesday morning, the Police and Fire Commission heard 25 minutes of calls to fire Police Chief Daniel Miskinis. The calls for Miskinis’ resignation ⏤ at least 3,500 according to the clerk ⏤ came during the citizens’ comments portion of the meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a city official read comments submitted […]
  • Attorneys hold out for resolution without trial in Blake criminal case
    KENOSHA ⏤ Prosecution and defense attorneys are holding out for a resolution to the criminal case against Jacob Blake without a trial. Blake faces charges of criminal trespass to dwelling, a misdemeanor; third-degree sexual assault, a felony; and disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. According to a criminal complaint filed in the case in July, Blake allegedly […]

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