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Thompson’s Take: A return to the Golden Rule concerning respect

KENOSHA ⏤ We need to, as a society, go back to sticking to the Golden Rule in an unflinching and aggressively positive way when it comes to respect. 

For the uninitiated, the Golden Rule is, in a nutshell: Treat others as you want them to treat you. 

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Golden Rule invoked to give up on people

However, in recent years, I often see people use the Golden Rule to write off people. Or worse, they use it to be as disrespectful to someone as that person has been to them. 

Because we use it this way: They didn’t treat me (a certain way), so I’m not going to treat them (a certain way). 

However, if you look back at the Golden Rule, was there any exception mentioned with it? 

The answer is no.

No, there was not. 

Golden Rule in an aggressively positive way

So how do we reintroduce the Golden Rule in an aggressively positive way? 

It’s simple: Give the respect to others you believe that you deserve from them.

I understand that doing things that way or treating an offense that way is not part of our societal norms. We want to right wrongs. We want to fight against things that hurt us. 

We want to simply react

But does that really help anything? Does our angry response make progress or set it back? 

The truth is, the best option is to still respond with respect, even when someone is being disrespectful to you. 


Yes, I’m telling you to not yell at that person, to not make that passive aggressive retort, to not smack the ever-loving (insert favorite swear word here) out of someone. 

Because that is simply momentary gratification.

On the other hand, taking that momentary disrespect and still rising above that to be respectful will eventually change the overall situation.

Disrespectful people want you to be disrespectful back. It makes their behavior normal instead of disruptive or unhealthy or just overall a drain on everyone else. It enables them to not have to change.

Therefore, force them to change

Thus, if you truly want to change the overall disrespectful atmosphere of our current discourse with each other in Kenosha, you first have to give out a whole bunch of respect to a whole lot of people.

And, eventually, you get what you give. 

I have legitimately met people that have been absolute jerks to me from day one for reasons I do not even know now.

But I treated them with respect every step of the way, and eventually, we had at least peaceful and respectful coexistence. 

Make others rise to your level

Force people to rise to the level of respect you deserve; do not let them pull you down to the level of respect they think you do. 

Truth is, if you’re nothing but good to someone, they have no recourse but to feel like a jerk for being so indecent in their treatment of you. 

So, please, go make people feel like jerks here in Kenosha with your kindness, grace and unrelenting show of respect for others just as you would show it to yourself. 

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