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KENOSHA ⏤ Over the last month, the Uptown Observer been very social. The Observer spoke with Kenosha County Sheriff candidate Tyler Cochran, viewed a presentation by Plywood People at the Vault and sat down with CUSH and Dr. Monica Cummings.

In short, the Observer gets around in the Kenosha community.

Therefore, please, take time to recap the places the Uptown Observer has been and the conversations had in them below.

No. 1: Observer Conversations: Tyler Cochran for Kenosha County Sheriff

No. 2: Observer on the Scene: Program launch for Path by Plywood

No. 3: Observer Conversations: Lori Hawkins and Dr. Cummings
addressing racial bias

No. 4: A Lovely Gift

No. 5: A trip to Wizarding World

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