Jason Hedman: Kenosha’s Own Dickens is No Scrooge

Jason Hedman in his studio.

My recent conversation with Jason Hedman was brief, but we did manage to cover his stint as a 6th-grade writer of Star Wars inspired fan-fiction, singing and playing in punk rock bands, and in-between all that was some talk of Christmas. 

And what says Christmas better than a live program featuring a Kenosha-themed version of A Christmas Carol, written by Jason, with special appearances by local favorites Koerri Elijah, Jakob Morgan, Jordan Pauley, and Daniel Thompson?

Probably nothing. 

Now turn that show into a fundraiser, with ticket sales supporting a toy drive and additional donations funneled to local nonprofit Walking in My Shoes, and you have an explosion of Christmasness, with plenty of good tidings and joy to go around. 

Tickets for the show sold out in less than a week, and monetary donations currently stand at over $700. This speaks not only to the giving nature of our community, but also to Jason’s ability to generate enthusiasm about his hometown.

He is one-half of the K-Town Connects Podcast team (with co-host Donny Stancato), a weekly Kenosha-centric show featuring members of the local community, elected officials, artists, and area business owners. 

K-Town Connects Podcast often has giveaways posted to their Facebook page, and both hosts have acted as guest bartenders at a local establishment, with all tips received donated to local charities.

“We’re trying to give back to the community as much as we can,” Jason said about the podcast. “We support the community and support local. That’s our thing.” 

In addition to re-writing Christmas classics, working his day job as an editor, and co-hosting a weekly podcast, Jason is a visual artist. 

He feels driven to create. 

“I’ve always been a creator,” he said. “I’ve created all kinds of things. Whether it be music or writing or painting or podcasts or fundraisers or anything, I just want to create something.”

His recent paintings, shown at Fusion and Union Park Art Market, featured imagery inspired by societal issues. “I tried to create images of society that tell some kind of story or ask questions.” 

When asked if he’ll be working on any pandemic inspired pieces during his winter away from showing art, he said, “A lot of people have done that. And it captures a snapshot of that moment in time. With my work I try to be more universal and more encompassing of a larger period than just a single moment.”

I look forward to seeing the new art Jason produces this winter.

In the meantime, I was able get a ticket to “A Kenosha Christmas Carol” before it sold out, and I can’t wait for December 11th to attend the show.

For those who don’t have tickets, the show will be streamed live on the Facebook pages of Kenosha FusionKtown Connects PodcastKoerri Elijah, and more.

Donations for Walking in My Shoes are still being accepted at:


Check out Jason’s art at his Facebook page:

Jason Hedman Art

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