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Tonight’s meeting: City Council to address alternative crowd control, TIDs

KENOSHA ⏤ Tonight, the Kenosha Common Council will vote on crowd-control alternatives for police and a couple of tax incremental districts (TIDs) Mayor John Antaramian is proposing. 

Notably missing from tonight’s agenda, however, is Dist. 10 Ald. Anthony Kennedy’s recent face mask regulation proposal. Kennedy decided to pull that proposed resolution ⏤ crafted in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic ⏤ partly due to a lack of votes for it to pass. 

Tonight’s meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in Room 200 of the Kenosha Municipal Building, 625 52nd St.

Council to vote on crowd-control alternatives resolution

However, proposed legislation from Kennedy concerning alternatives to police methods in controlling unruly crowds will be heard by the council tonight. 

Kennedy’s resolution, in the end, calls for the Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha Common Council to conduct a study on alternative control methods. After that study is complete, the KPD and council would consider the elimination of pepper spray and similar crowd-control methods. 

The methods specifically mentioned as being targeted for re-evaluation are the use of: tear gas, riot control agents and non-lethal rounds.

Unpopular in committee

The resolution did not gain favor in committee. The Kenosha Public Safety and Welfare Committee, in fact, voted 5-0 to send it to council with a recommendation to deny. 

Not only did the committee members seem opposed, but members of the public also gave comments against the measures ⏤ though some of them admitted openly to not reading the proposed resolution. 

TIDs in Downtown and Uptown

Also on the agenda tonight, Mayor John Antaramian is proposing the creation of two new TIDs. The first on the agenda, TID #32, sits in the heart of Uptown Kenosha. 

The proposed Uptown TID falls within the boundaries of 60th Street and Roosevelt Road/63rd Place to the north and south. The west and east boundaries of it range from approximately 20th Avenue to 24th Avenue at its widest areas. 

council; city council; mayor; john antaramian; tid; tax increment district; crowd control; crowd control alternatives; police
Mayor John Antaramian’s proposed TID #32 in Uptown Kenosha. Image provided.

However, the second TID on tonight’s agenda, TID #33, falls in the Downtown district. Its north and south boundaries are 59th and 60th streets; its west and east boundaries are Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue.  

Mayor John Antaramian’s proposed TID #33 in Downtown Kenosha. Image provided.

The mayor will also introduce a proposed moratorium on new liquor licenses in the city. 

You can find tonight’s complete agenda at

You may also find tonight’s supporting documents at


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