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Tonight: A COVID-19 mask ordinance recreation and open mics

KENOSHA ⏤ Tonight, the Kenosha City Council will once again briefly wade into the face mask ordinance waters as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on throughout Kenosha County. 

During tonight’s 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall, 625 52nd St., Dist. 10 Ald. Anthony Kennedy is set to introduce the repealing and recreation of parts of the city’s face mask regulation ordinance. 

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The biggest change in Kennedy’s proposed face mask ordinance recreation is its “sunset” date. The sunset date is the date at which the city no longer enforces it. 

Under Kennedy’s new language, the sunset date would change from when it expired earlier this year ⏤ March 31 ⏤ to March 31, 2022. 

While the ordinance will be introduced in a first reading at tonight’s meeting, the public shouldn’t expect real discussion on the ordinance until it’s before committees and then back to the council for its second reading. 

You may also view the full agenda for tonight’s meeting here.

Current COVID-19 numbers

mask; face mask; ordinance; kenosha; council; city council; covid-19; coronavirus

As of Monday afternoon, 81,076 Kenosha County residents ⏤ or 47.69% ⏤  have taken at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Awaiting a second dose are 5,245 residents, or 3.09%. 

Approximately 44.61% are also fully vaccinated, according to the county’s coronavirus data hub.

mask; face mask; ordinance; kenosha; council; city council; covid-19; coronavirus

In order to reach herd immunity, if still possible, Kenosha County would need to reach 127,500 vaccinated, or 75%. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the county has reported 16,531 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 318 deaths. 

County COVID-19 race, ethnic data amid mask change

The current COVID-19 case and vaccination race data is disheartening. 

While white residents make up 71.9% of cases with a reported race, Black residents make up 7.4% of COVID-19 cases in the county ⏤ 1,200 cases. This matches their percentage of the overall Kenosha County population based on latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau from July 2019. 

Black residents also make up 3.5% of COVID-19 deaths in the county over the pandemic. 

Only 31% of the county’s Black population is reported to have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Hispanic, Latino population also hit hard

However, Hispanic or Latino residents have also been hit hard by the virus. According to the county’s data, Hispanic or Latino residents made up 15% of COVID-19 cases over the pandemic ⏤ or 2,500 cases. 

Hispanic or Latino residents also make up 10% of the county’s COVID-19 deaths. 

mask; face mask; ordinance; kenosha; council; city council; covid-19; coronavirus

Those residents make up 13.5% of the county’s population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates. 

Like with the Black community, the Hispanic/Latino community’s vaccination levels sit lower in the county, resting currently at 38% receiving at least one dose. 

Elsewhere, music and entertainment

After the council meeting, you can wash off your civic skin in the music of local talented artists at either Rustic Road Brewing Company or Kenosha Fusion.

Rustic regularly hosts its Monday night open mic at 8 p.m., led by local musician Haven Wells.

Fusion‘s open mic/jam kicks off a little later at 9 p.m.

Both are wonderful places to view local talent and expand your own talents. 


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