Few remaining liquor licenses and end of summer events on tonight’s agendas

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KENOSHA ⏤ Tonight, several city of Kenosha committees ⏤ Licenses and Permits, Parks Commission, Public Safety and Welfare, and also Public Works ⏤ will meet to discuss liquor license applications and some end of summer events.

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Licenses and Permits considers remaining licenses

Starting at 4:30 p.m., the Licenses and Permits Committee will meet to approve seven new bartender’s licenses. It is also slated to again discuss the bartender’s license application of Kendall Brown. The committee had deferred the application at its last meeting. 

However, City Attorney Ed Antaramian recommends the committee deny the application.

They will also consider the new liquor license applications of OHM Fuel Services, Inc., located at 3806 30th Ave., and Betty and Ronalds, located at 2105 22nd Ave.

As the Observer has covered, the city has only a few liquor licenses left to give out. Therefore, the applicants face somewhat of an uphill battle in getting approval. 

You can find tonight’s agenda at https://www.kenosha.org/images/agenda_meeting/LP/CURRENT_AGENDA.pdf.

Parks Commission

At 5 p.m., the Parks Commission is set to approve several events and a memorial plaque to be placed at Pennoyer Park.

On its agenda to approve are: 

  • Request from Mary Lou and Arthur F. Mahone Fund for use of Lincoln Park Flower Garden on Wednesday, Sept. 8, for Lincoln Park Live;
  • Request from Kenosha County Parks for use of Kennedy Park on Saturday, Sept. 25, to hold the Fall Wheel Ride event;
  • And also a request from Safe Harbor Humane Society for use of Eichelman and Wolfenbuttel Parks on Sunday, Oct. 24, to hold the Safe Harbor Humane Society Dog Walk & Family Festival.

Likewise, the commission will also consider the request of Maggie, Michael and Eric Klein to place a memorial plaque near a memorial tree in Pennoyer Park in memory of Raymond Bollendorf, Sr. 

The full agenda can be seen at https://www.kenosha.org/images/agenda_meeting/PARKS/CURRENT_AGENDA.pdf.

Public Safety and Welfare

Also at 5 p.m., the Public Safety and Welfare Committee will discuss several ordinances proposed by alderpersons. 

First, it will consider two put forth by Dist. 11 Ald. Rollin Pizzala: 

  1. To renumber subsections 16.10and 16.11 and to create subsection 16.10 (of the Zoning Ordinance for the City of Kenosha) regarding fence requirements for swimming pools, hot tubs and spas.
  2. To repeal and recreate subparagraph 9.18 E.1.a (of the Code of General Ordinances for the City of Kenosha) regarding fence heights for swimming pools, hot tubs and also spas.

Dist. 3 Ald. Jan Michalski will also introduce an ordinance to declare September 2021 National Suicide Prevention and Action Month.

The full agenda is also available at https://www.kenosha.org/images/agenda_meeting/PSW/CURRENT_AGENDA.pdf.

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Public Works

When it comes to tonight’s Public Works meeting at 5:30 p.m., paving lawn park areas is a recurring theme. 

Several entities are hoping to get approval to pave lawn areas near their businesses, including:

  • A KUSD request to pave the lawn park area at Bose Elementary School on 18th Avenue Side (1900 15th Street);
  • A Wine Knot proposal to pave the lawn area near its Downtown building;
  • And also a request from Joseph Passarelli to pave the lawn park area at DeRango’s Pizzeria (2135 31st Street). 

You can view their full agenda at https://www.kenosha.org/images/agenda_meeting/PW/CURRENT_AGENDA.pdf.

To check on city government agendas and supporting documents at any time, visit https://www.kenosha.org/government/common-council/current-agendas-and-supporting-documents.

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