KCOR hoping to help stop violence before police intervention

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KENOSHA ⏤ A new community group ⏤ Kenosha Coalition Organizing for Resolution (KCOR) ⏤ hopes to de-escalate situations before they reach the point of violence and police involvement in the city.

On Wednesday, KCOR held a press conference in Civic Center Park to introduce themselves to the community.

Watch the full conference below.

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What is KCOR? 

At its heart, KCOR is a grassroots effort hoping to intervene in situations that could turn violent. Part of that is in order to keep more people out of the criminal justice system. In that mission, the group works to “interrupt” systemic racism and violence in Kenosha. 

According to KCOR Public Relations Representative Erica Ness, the group will address those issues “through peer support and de-escalation.”

As a result of its work, the group hopes to:

  • Mediate conflicts;
  • Reduce harmful police-community interactions;
  • Connect community members with needed services and care;
  • And also provide a support network dedicated to keeping people safe.

‘Evidence-based’ policing methods

As the group explains, the tragic events that took place in Kenosha in 2020 sparked its formation.

“In the last year, a spotlight shined bright on the racial disparities, violence, and negative interactions with police in Kenosha,” KCOR explained in a statement released prior to the event. “In response to this, a group of dedicated community members founded KCOR and developed a framework that calls for investment in key programs to prevent and address violence in Kenosha.”

As explained in KCOR’S release, that framework ⏤ the Kenosha Alternative Policing Strategy ⏤ “is composed of evidence-based methods that have proven to be effective in reducing violence in both Milwaukee and Madison and are tailored specifically for Kenosha.”

“The first step of this framework is to train and mobilize a team of Peer Support Coaches/Violence Interrupters. These coaches are taking to the streets this summer to build community and mediate conflict in order to prevent violence and keep the community out of the criminal justice system and out of harm’s way.”

Kenosha Coalition Organizing Resolution

For more information on KCOR, visit them on social media at facebook.com/KenoshaCOR. You can also reach out to them directly via email at kenoshacor@gmail.com.

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