Alderperson announcement, City Council #OfInterest this week

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KENOSHA ⏤ This week, Observer readers found the words of Alderperson Jan Michalski and also Alderperson Holly Kangas of the City Council to be #OfInterest.

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Of primary focus, Michalski announced that Gorman’s will be bringing a full grocery store to the Uptown Neighborhood.

Not only will this be coming to Uptown, but it will be right on 22nd Avenue, he said.

The news, given at a ribbon-cutting for Grace Welcome Center’s new walk-in cooler, drew applause. Uptown has been lacking a grocery store since the old Pick ‘n Save closed its doors a few years ago.

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Alderperson Kangas critical of Sheskey situation

Kangas also drew attention for stating that Rusten Sheskey should be “given a permanent desk job.”

Sheskey is the Kenosha Police Department officer who shot Jacob Blake seven times in August 2020. As a result, Kenosha experienced two nights of riots, causing millions in damages.

Kangas’ statement follows the expressions of concern and frustration heard from the community following Sheskey’s return to work

Therefore, please, take time to read all of the stories your community found #OfInterest this week below. 

No. 1: Michalski: Full grocery store coming to Uptown Neighborhood

No. 2: UPDATED: Alderperson: Rusten Sheskey should be ‘given a permanent desk job’

No. 3: City Council strikes down attempt to repeal Kenosha mask mandate

No. 4: Tonight’s meetings: KCSD to present body camera policies to county committee

No. 5: KCSD: Single-vehicle crash kills Milwaukee man

No. 6: Police Chief Miskinis’ disappointment, protests lead #SaturdayMorningMix

No. 7: Saints Radio: Recent performances by local songwriters

No. 8: KDOG yields more than 3,600 grams of marijuana, $19,000 in Tuesday bust

No. 9: Police and Fire Commission approves KFD appointments, questions what to do with citizens’ comments

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