#OfInterest: An application, Pride news and an art walkthrough

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KENOSHA ⏤ This past week’s news touched on various groups within the overall city, bringing news of the return of the Kenosha Pride festival.

Uptown Observer readers also paid attention to the story of two applications the city’s Licenses and Permits Committee arguably gave different treatment.

Our supporters also went on a walkthrough of Kenosha Creative Space‘s new art exhibit, “Art + Protest,” with Observer founder Daniel Thompson. That exhibit will remain open to the public until May 9, 2021.

So, please, take a look back on the stories your community is already reading on the Observer site below.

Stories #OfInterest

No. 1: “Kenosha Licenses and Permits Committee: Two ‘false’ applications, two different treatments, one interested alderperson”

No. 2: “#HumanityCenteredSaturday: KPD Detective Tommar Franklin trying to make change from within”

No. 3: “From Our Community: Kenosha Pride festival returns in August”

No. 4: “Uptown Opportunity: Help with monthly clean-up effort in Uptown neighborhood starting April 3”

No. 5: “#OfInterest: Observer readers delve into KPD detective’s experience, Thompson’s Take”

No. 6: “#Mid-Week Rewind: An application, a city detective, a radio station”

No. 7: “Around the Open Mics: Music fills Seventh Avenue again on Thursday nights”

No. 8: “Chief Miskinis updates community on efforts to arrest August rioters”

No. 9: “#SaintsRadioSunday: A look back at the ‘Kenosha Creates’ series”

No. 10: “Art Scene: A walk through Kenosha Creative Space’s ‘Art + Protest’ exhibit”

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