#TBT: The Dead Lights at Union Park

KENOSHA ⏤ There are times you look at a singer and assume you know how they sound.

Then, when they open their mouth, they blow you away with how wrong you were. 

David of The Deadlights. Photo by Daniel Thompson/The Uptown Observer.

Rachel Smith of The Dead Lights is one such singer. 

Smith, performing with her partner David as the band, projects an intensity in her voice while singing that mimics the style of Janis Joplin in her control of when her voice is smooth and when it’s a raspy bellow of words. 

Both singer-songwriters

However, the thing that sets the band apart is that both members are songwriters.

David, whose voice sounds like a mixture of Eddie Vedder and Jim Morrison, is a little more reserved in his songs. However, they have an ‘80s alternative rock/almost metal influence (with a touch of grunge) to them. 

Quite honestly, you really just need to see and experience in-person the songwriters’ sounds and how they come together to complement each other’s styles. 

Therefore, below, please watch a video of the duo performing at Union Park Tavern in September 2020. 

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