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Saints Radio Sunday (Feb. 7, 2021): Brooding Prudes, Lunde, and Tammy Peacy and Chris Sipos

KENOSHA ⏤ Hello, and welcome back to another round of Saints Radio Sunday.

This week we have three bands that we will be highlighting: Brooding Prudes, Lunde, and Tammy Peacy and Chris Sipos.

Each offers a different feel to Kenoshans looking for something to listen to.

So please, take the time to listen, click on the links and support your local artists.

Brooding Prudes

Brooding Prudes is a folk punk-inspired, DIY band out of Kenosha consisting of singer/songwriter Rhianna O’Shea.

For this week’s Saints Radio, she has shared her debut EP, recorded back in 2018, to highlight her style and tone.

Please, take a listen to her EP, “Fight Well Alright”, below.

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A young simp rock band on the scene, Lunde consists of cousins Nate Uhrich and Jeremiah Lunde, as well as lead guitar player Kyle Gogan.

Those who have worked around the Kenosha Creative Space can recognize Lunde from various creative endeavors behind the scenes, but here his creativity is on full display in front of the cameras.

Check out the band’s “Psychotic Reaction” set presented by Music Center at the link below.

Tammy Peacy and Chris Sipos

For their contribution to Saints Radio, Tammy Peacy and Chris Sipos are going the “flashback” route.

Peacy sent the Observer two songs that the duo made 10 years, giving this week’s submission a bit of a reflective, nostalgic feel.

Take time to walk down memory lane with them for two of their songs “Childish” and “Tremendous Tiny Explosions” below.

That’s a wrap …

That’s it for this week’s edition of Saints Radio Sunday.

If you’d like to get on the playlist for a Sunday, it’s a very simple process: You simply send what you want on to, confirm it’s received, and then sit back and wait.

There is no cost. We simply want to highlight the musicians in our community.

Until next week, stay healthy, stay warm and stay safe out there.

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