Good Morning, Kenosha (Feb. 26, 2021)

Good Morning, Kenosha!

The Uptown Observer’s stringer Jordan Pauley, of Pauley’s Pro Pics, got up early to capture some local beauty this morning.

Enjoy a few photos of the sun rising on Kenosha this morning below.

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Latest Observances

  • Mental Health Moment: Let go of enemies, embrace critics
    Today, I’m encouraging you to do something that most people would flat out refuse to do: I encourage you to wish your enemy/enemies well.  Now, before you add me to the list of your enemies for my suggestion, let me explain. Your enemy is the hero of their own story Let me start with one
  • In the Crowd: Lumphead, Roaming Bear and Codes within Codes
    Kenosha Creative Space hosted the talents of three local bands Saturday night: Lumphead (Brittany Lumley), Roaming Bear and Codes within Codes (Cody Cummings).  I had the pleasure of being a face in the crowd listening to the different stylings of the local artists.  And of course, I brought my camera along to share bits and
  • Along the Path: Perspective is key
    When I reflect on how I used to talk about sobriety and how I think of it now, I return to a thought: Perspective is key.  What does that mean when it comes to sobriety?  Perspective is the catalyst between passing thought and relapse.  The perspective of an addict For whatever reason, every addict will
  • Nia program to help African-American youth ‘Rest and Reset’
    KENOSHA ⏤ Kenosha County UW-Extension and Kenosha Public Library’s Nia: Pathways and Purpose for the Future program is hosting “Rest and Reset” on Jan. 19. The event ⏤ for African-American youth in 8th-12th grade ⏤ focuses on helping students “relax after finals and start envisioning what’s next for them this year,” UW-Extension said in a
  • Mental Health Moment: Let them talk
    It’s commonplace in this world to encounter negative talk about yourself or the people you care about.  As humans, we have a tendency to give way to gossip, to our basest intrigues and to act in ways that are simple. The truth is, talking negatively about someone is simple; it’s the easy way out. You
  • Along the Path: Six years of change
    As of Jan. 1, 2023, I am six years sober from alcohol, and have been on a journey of change ever since. While the overall nature of sobriety is change ⏤ and the positive changes will be the majority ⏤ there are also some hard adjustments.  Other Observer stories (Column continues below) Change overall In
  • Listening To: Spare Animals’ “Better Winds” (review)
    If I had to sum up Kenosha County musicians Spare Animals’ latest EP, “Better Winds”, it would be this: instrumental reverence and nostalgia for music of childhood coupled with the lyrical maturity of looking back decades later. In fact, many of us are bound to have old music from our own lives conjured up in
  • Mental Health Moment: You CAN practice what you preach
    A little while back, I told you that you CAN take a break. And now, after the past week or so, you (and I) know that I do practice what I preach now.  If you preach taking space, take space Recently, I realized that my world had gotten too big.  I was having a plethora
  • Mental Health Moment: You CAN let it go, don’t overanalyze
    It’s no surprise to people who know me well that I have an incredibly hard time letting a thought go. I overanalyze everything ⏤ even things that will never probably have any real significance to my life. And don’t even get me started on the pains of moral choices in video games.   Overanalysis will kill

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