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Around the Mics: Jan. 25, 2021

Scenes from the Monday night open mics …

Despite cold weather and an impending snowstorm, the usual suspects showed up to play some tunes and sharpen their talents at open mics at Kenosha Fusion and Rustic Road Brewing Co. Monday night.

Kyle Young and Oscar Mercadillo ⏤ two of Kenosha’s notable guitar players — could be seen at Fusion (Young) and Rustic (Mercadillo). Mercadillo, formerly of Miss B Haven, as well as the solo act of Young are known for their improvisational style with a strong technical base — though Mercadillo has said previously that he stumbled into his technical knowledge of scales by practicing soloing to music in his room throughout his adolescence.

Both the guitarists and other local acts brought their own energies to the two venues.

Here are a few pictures of that energy.

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