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After hourslong public hearing, cabaret license changes sent back to City Council for approval

12 comments received during hearing

KENOSHA ⏤ After hours of public hearing comments, the Licenses and Permits Committee sent changes to cabaret licenses back to the City Council.

The City Council will next consider the changes for final approval for the second time.

On Monday night, the Licenses and Permits Committee heard from approximately 12 bar owners and community members during the public hearing portion. Many asked the city to form a subcommittee of bar owners and musicians to help revise the cabaret license ordinance.

Aldermen rejected those calls in the immediate future Monday. Chairperson Curt Wilson indicated he is open to discussing other areas of the cabaret licenses not coverd in the proposed changes.

The proposed ordinance includes the addition of security, parking and operational plans, which will be submitted on an annual basis. License holders will not have to update operational and security plans if nothing changes. The ordinance limits live entertainment to 1:30 a.m., beginning July 1, 2021, except on New Year’s Eve.

Ald. Dominic Ruffalo made a motion to send the “redline” version of the ordinance changes back the City Council. His motion passed four votes to one.

Alderwoman Shayna Griffin cast the sole dissenting vote.

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